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Minutes of October 6, 2005
Village of Palestine Board of Trustees Meeting

The Palestine Board of Trustees met in regular session on October 6, 2005, at 6:00 P.M.. Trustees answering the roll call were Gene Purcell, Greta Dennison, David Branson, Walter Fritchie, and Larry Surrells. Larry Miller was absent.

Visitors in attendance were Robinson Daily News Reporter, Tom Compton, Pioneer News Reporter, Jim Ellis, Leon Parker, Jack Stoltz, Bob Taylor, Randy & Jerry Brannon, Bill & Cathy Johnson, Matt Johnson & friend, Kenneth and Shirley Matheney, Bruce and Joanne McDaniel. Margaret Littlejohn, Sewer Utility Clerk, was also in attendance.

The meeting began with all in attendance reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bill Johnson gave a report on the Wine and Arts Festival. Attendance was 90% above the previous year. Attendees came from Chicago, Indianapolis, Evansville, and various other places. Johnson added that by holding the Festival in conjunction with the Robinson Heath Festival, attendees had more to do which increased attendance at both festivals.

Gene Purcell moved and Greta Dennison seconded a motion that Maxwell Concrete’s estimate of $3,887 to replace broken sidewalks in the Village, be accepted, plus $1,000 for additional work. The motion passed unanimously.

Larry Surrells moved and Walter Fritchie seconded a motion to approve Adam Moraga’s estimate in the amount of $524, to paint all the doors and trim at the Village Building, as well as paint the Village Pole Barn. The motion passed unanimously.

David Branson moved and Larry Surrells seconded a motion to approve the purchase of a new vacuum sweeper for the Village office. The Motion passed unanimously.

The operation of golf carts on Village streets was revisited. After much discussion, with concerns of campers using golf carts to come into the Village from the park over roads not within the Village, Larry Surrells moved and Walter Fritchie seconded a motion to further pursue a golf cart ordinance. Motion passed unanimously.

The Village office telephone system is old and is presenting some problems for the office staff. A request for investigating a new phone system was made by President, Pat Schofield. Larry Surrells made a motion, seconded by David Branson, to seek bids for a more adequate phone system. Motion passed unanimously.

A follow up of concerns for neighborhood safety, the owners of 303 W Grand Prairie, a property destroyed by fire, reported that they are nearing settlement with their insurance company and hoped to have the structure removed.

A “Children at Play” sign has been requested for the 400 block of E. Market. A motion to install such a sign was moved by Gene Purcell and seconded by Greta Dennison. Motion passed unanimously.

A complaint of a hazardous well cover at the property next to Jodie Ransford, at 307 W. Market, has been received. The company who owns the property will be contacted and advised that unless something is done in the near future, the Village will begin condemnation proceedings.

Then Murdock family at 209 Vincennes Ave., have a serious drainage problem which they believe is a result of water runoff from the street. Discussion resulted in the general opinion of the board that the cost of building up the street to help defray the runoff would be too prohibitive to pursue. Connor & Connor will be contacted to survey the situation and report back.


The Building Committee reported that letters have been sent to property owners needing corrective maintenance and/or removal. In checking these properties, it is reported that some have been working to meet compliance while some have done little or nothing. Follow up will continue and condemnation proceedings will be implemented if proper compliance is not met

The Street Committee reported that there are 2 trees that need to be removed; that the pond at Illiana Cores needs to be filled in; and we will follow up on an error made by the Robinson Daily News report on the village Board meeting in which a statement attributed to Maxwell Concrete should be retracted.

The Sewer Committee reported that they are continuing on a definite plan for improvement.

The Annexation Committee plans to begin the process in early 2006.

The Christmas Lighting for Main Street Committee reported that there are plans for fund raisers to raise as much as possible for this project. The overall 3-year plan will be approximately $10,000 with the majority of the funds coming from the Village and the Chamber of Commerce. Gene Purcell moved and Larry Surrells seconded for the Village to contribute $1,500 to this Christmas lighting project. Motion passed unanimously.


Walter Fritchie moved that we convene into executive session under Section 2(C)(6) of the Open Meetings Act for the discussion of vacating a property owned by the Village. Motion seconded by Larry Surrells. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned to executive session at 7:19 P.M.

The regular session reconvened at 7:30 P.M.

Larry Surrells moved for adjournment. Gene Purcell seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:31 P.M.

Patricia Schofield, President
Floyd M. Fuller, Clerk

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