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July 5, 2007

The Palestine Board of Trustees met in regular session on July 5, 2007, at 6:00 PM. Trustees answering the roll call were Gene Purcell, Greta Dennison, David Branson, Walter Fritchie, Larry Surrells, and J.D.Kimberlin.

Margaret Littlejohn and Chief Jim Clark were present.

Visitors present were Bob Taylor and David Matteson.

The meeting began with all in attendance reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor Schofield announced that a one-day appliance pickup is scheduled for July 14, 2007 beginning at 8:00 AM. This pickup will include all appliances, water heaters, lawnmowers, mower parts, car parts, scrap metal and miscellaneous metal items. Doors must be removed from all items discarded.

David Branson, Chairman of the Sewer Committee, reported that the sewer system was originally constructed in 1977. The upgrade scheduled for this summer will replace the two pumping units at a cost of $69,973. This will be financed by a lease purchase agreement with Capital Finance for 60 months at $1,309.89 per month. The financing rate is 4.8%.


Skunks and raccoons have found habitation in or under some downtown buildings. Mayor Schofield has contacted the local authorities regarding removal of these residents. The cost will be $100.

The Tax Rate Ordinance is not ready for authorization yet because the state has not released the rate structure.

A request has been made to have the Village replace a section of a driveway that has been broken up by tree roots from a tree on Village right of way. Consensus was that this has not been a matter for the Village to address and that the Village should not start a precedence.

The matters of bicycles on downtown sidewalks and unusable travel trailers is on going.

Greta Dennison moved, seconded by Gene Purcell to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel matters. Motion passed unanimously.


Floyd Fuller, Budget Committee Chairman, reported that the Sewer Expense report included an annual NODES fee of $2,500 which placed the monthly income in the negative. He, also, reported that the Village had received a check from the Heath Foundation in the amount of $9,850 for the new mosquito sprayer.

Chief Jim Clark presented a written report on police activities for the past month.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM.

The regular meeting reconvened at 6:21 PM.

Greta Dennison moved, seconded by Walter Fritchie, to raise Kathy Fuller from $7.50 to $9.00 per hour. Voting aye were Gene Purcell, Greta Dennison, David Branson, Walter Fritchie, and J.D. Kimberlin. Larry Surrells abstained.

The consensus regarding pay adjustments should be made in April of each year for all personnel.

By consensus the meeting adjourned at 6:23 PM.

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