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June 7, 2007

The Palestine Board of Trustees met in regular session on June 7, 2007, at 6:00 PM. Trustees answering the roll call were Gene Purcell, Greta Dennison, David Branson, Walter Fritchie, Larry Surrells, and J.D.Kimberlin.

Margaret Littlejohn and Chief Jim Clark were present.

Visitors present were Bob Taylor, Larry Miller, Von Meeks, and Ed and Melinda Brannon.

The meeting began with all in attendance reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

A plaque was presented to Larry Miller recognizing his outstanding service to the Village. Larry had been a member of the Board for 11 years and was the parliamentarian and chairman of the Building Regulations, Permits, and Maintenance Committee for many years.


David Branson, Chairman of the Sewer Committee, reported that he had received a final bid for the repair and updating (Retrofitting) of the Sewer Lagoon System lift stations from Vandevanter Engineering. The final bid price is $69,973.00. This can be financed by a lease purchase agreement with Capital Finance for 60 months at $1,300.00 per month with a buyout of $1.00 at the end of the lease. The financing rate is 4.8%. The board by consensus approved the bid and the financing arrangement negotiated.

Mayor Schofield appointed Larry Surrells as Mayor Pro-Tem, and as chairman of the Building Regulations, Permits, and Maintenance Committee vacated by outgoing board member, Larry Miller.


Marathon Representative, Von Meeks, addressed the board on Marathons’ new Reverse 911 Program. This is a new system, purchased by Marathon, to warn the county residences and businesses of any major disaster or pending disaster in the area. All telephones in the county can be called within five (5) minutes, warning of an impending or actual disaster that may affect the county. There will be no cost to the Village or the citizens and businesses in the County.

Ed Brannon addressed the Board regarding Traffic Ordinance 41.17 as it relates to bicycle riding within the village. The ordinance is not specific enough in regards to riding bicycles on sidewalks on Main Street.

Several teen-age boys have been riding their bikes on the sidewalks along Main Street and have been circling slow moving autos thereby terrorizing elderly persons. One boy age 15 had been given 3 warnings and was finally ticketed for violation of the Ordinance 41.17.

Larry Miller noted that warning signs regarding riding on sidewalks had been in place along Main Street for 12 years and that local business owners were concerned for their customer’s safety.

Police Chief, Jim Clark, said that small children riding bikes should be under the supervision of their parents and that teen agers should and will be given warnings before given a citation.

By consensus the Board has taken under advisement the possible changes to Ordinance 41.17 as it relates to riding bicycles in the downtown area.

The Annual Appropriations Ordinance was presented for approval. Greta Dennison moved, seconded by Larry Surrells, to approve the Appropriations Ordinance. The motion passed unanimously.

David Fulling, a member of the Crawford Co Board, had approached the Village Board at the May meeting regarding a Village contribution to the Greater Wabash Valley Planning Commission. David Branson moved, seconded by Greta Dennison, to contribute $0.25 per capita to the Commission. Motion passed unanimously.

The 2007 Prevailing Wage Ordinance was presented for approval. Larry Surrells moved, seconded by David Branson, to approve the Ordinance. Motion carried unanimously.

Larry Surrells moved, seconded by Walt Fritchie, to place a half page ad in the 2007 Chamber of Commerce Rodeo Souvenir Program Book at a cost of $70.00. Motion passed unanimously.

Several residents of the Village have camper units that are located at there residential property. However, a few are not licensed and/or are not habitable. By consensus it was decided that Larry Surrells should meet with Attorney Frank Weber regarding an ordinance relating to unusable or uninhabitable campers.

It was noted that the Village sign honoring Servicemen/women needs to be updated and repainted.

The Palestine Chamber of Commerce requested a parade permit for Labor Day. This was approved by consensus.

Two large trees near the High School are rotten and have been scheduled for removal.

The Mary Heath foundation has approved a grant of $9,850.00 for full funding of the new Mosquito Sprayer.

A lighted sign has been given to the Village and installed at the corner of Franklin and Jackson. The purpose of the sign is to promote tourism. Personal announcements are not permitted.

Mark Dennis Salvage has requested having a day to pick up discarded appliances and metal. He will pickup all appliances, water heaters, car parts, old lawn mowers, scrap metal, etc. at no cost.. Walt Fritchie moved, seconded by Gene Purcell, to set aside a day for the removal of old scrap metal objects.

Larry Surrells moved, seconded by Walt Fritchie, to adjourn to executive session for the purpose of discussing the purchase of real estate. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 7:11 PM.

The regular meeting reconvened at 7:28 PM.

Larry Surrells moved, seconded by David Branson to formally approve the purchase of 2 lots on Main Street for the purpose of use as a Mini-Park. Motion passed unanimously.

By consensus the meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM.

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