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Minutes of May 5, 2005
Palestine Board of Trustees Meeting

The Palestine Board of Trustees met in regular session on May 5, 2005, at 6:00 p.m. Trustees answering the roll call were Greta Dennison, Chester Green, Larry Miller, Gene Purcell, Pat Schofield, and Larry Surrells. Minutes of the April meeting were approved as presented. Visitors in attendance were Robinson Daily News Reporter, Tom Osborn, Bob Taylor, Jim Ellis, Margaret Littlejohn, Steve McGahey, Carol McGahey, Brad Surrells, Bill Johnson, Jim Goodwine, John Maddox, Erlene Colcord, Kenneth Pryor, David Winger, Carolyn Kent, Gene Reinbold, Jim Clark, Carl Woosley, and Jim Baker.

Outgoing President. Richard A. Kent swore in incoming President. Pat Schofield.

President. Pat Schofield swore in incoming Clerk Floyd M. Fuller, and incoming trustees David Branson and Walter Fritchie, Jr. and incumbent trustee, Harry Gene Purcell.

Visitors were recognized and Steve McGahey asked for the floor. Mr. McGahey, speaking for the Palestine Economic Development Association, commended past president Richard A. Kent for his excellent term of service during the past 8 years. He then presented Mr. Kent with a plaque commemorating his years of service to Palestine and the community.

President Pat Schofield appointed the committees for the coming year. See the attached list. Add to the list Larry Surrells who was inadvertently omitted from the original list.

Roberts Rules of Order were discussed by Parliamentarian Larry Miller. A new book is available for all trustees to review. The main roles for this board are these:
1, Make all motions in the positive tense.
2. All tabled motions will be removed from the table at the next meeting.
3. All motions made and seconded will be voted by aye or nay with the majority ruling.

Mr. Kenneth Pryor, Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management for Crawford County, discussed the Village of Palestine’s participation in the program so as to be in compliance with NIMS.

An application form was left for the acceptance by the Village of Palestine; and a resolution was unanimously passed for the adoption of the National Incident Management System.

The tabled motion for a requested sign - Slow, Children Playing - was removed from the table. The problem on Connie Rae Drive is in regards to young drivers cruising rapidly through the neighborhood in a manner dangerous to children and residents. The motion passed unanimously.

The tabled motion for a requested Liquor License was removed from the table. Motion denied unanimously.

The Palestine Sewer Department have requested the Robinson-Palestine Water Commission to shut off the water for users 90 days delinquent in the sewer payments, This has caused a loss of revenue for the Water Commission during the shut off period. The Water Commission has proceeded to bill the Sewer Department for this estimated loss of revenue. Larry Miller moved and Gene Purcell seconded the motion to pass the water charge to the user on the next sewer bill. Motion passed unanimously.

Larry Surrells moved and Walter Fritchie, Jr. seconded that the Peach Tree Accounting Program be upgraded to the latest version. If ordered by May 15, 2005 it will be discounted $350. Motion passed unanimously.

The annual street improvement project was presented. East Lamotte is to be overlaid with bituminous paving. Other located streets will be patched and chip and sealed.. Total cost is estimated at $82,000, All monies will come from the MFT fund. Larry Surrells moved and Larry Miller seconded that the projects be approved. Motion approved unanimously.

A request has been made to extend the sewer under Hwy 33 from Porter to the old Emge lot. No action was taken.

Larry Surrells moved and David Branson seconded that an ad be placed in the Rodeo Brochure at a cost of$70. Motion passed unanimously.

Larry Surrells moved and Waiter Fritchie, Jr. seconded a motion to contribute $50 monthly to the Palestine Senior Citizens Center expenses. Motion passed 4 to 2.

Skateboards have become a safety factor in the downtown area. After discussion a motion was made by Larry Miller, seconded by Larry Surrells to amend the traffic code 41.19 to read as follows:
" No person upon roller skates; roller blades, skateboards or riding in or by means of any coaster, toy vehicle, or similar device shall go upon Pike Street, Main Street or Lincoln Street, from Franklin Street to Lamotte Street, or upon the sidewalks bordering Lincoln Street, Main Street, Pike Street, Lamotte Street and Franklin Street." Motion approved 5 to 1.

Gene Purcell moved and Greta Dennison seconded a motion to approve the appointment of Floyd Fuller as Authorized Agent for IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund). Motion approved unanimously.

The Weekly Legislative Bulletins of the Illinois Municipal League should be reviewed regularly.

Larry Surrells moved and David Branson seconded a motion to approve the enrollment fee, motel and meals for Pat Schofield and Floyd Fuller to attend official training meetings at Rend Lake Resort - June 17-18. Motion passed unanimously.

The Kemper Group has offered to audit the books of the Village of Palestine this year for a fee of $4,500. Larry Miller moved Greta Dennison seconded a motion to approve the offer. Motion pass unanimously.

The Employee Health Insurance has notified us of a 1l.09% increase in the insurance premium. This raises the cost of health insurance from $431 to $508 per month an increase of $71 per month per employee enrolled. Larry Miller moved and Gene Purcell seconded a motion to accept. the increase and the increase to be paid by the city and in future pay packages the medical insurance is to be considered. Motion passed unanimously.

Trustees volunteering for the opening and closing of the Pioneer Room for various events are as follows.
May - Larry Miller
June - Larry Surrells
July - Gene Purcell
August - Walter Fritchie, Jr.
September - David Branson
October - Greta Dennison
November - Larry Miller
December - Gene Purcell

Committee Reports are due at the June Board Meeting.

Clerk, Floyd Fuller, requested the purchase of a scanner and software update for office use. The estimated cost is $450 to $500. Larry Surrells moved and Walter Fritchie, Jr. seconded that the purchase be approved. Motion passed unanimously.

Larry Miller moved and Gene Purcell seconded a motion to adjourn. Motion approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Patricia Schofield, President
Floyd M. Fuller, Clerk

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