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January 16, 2008
Village of Palestine Board of Trustees Meeting

The Palestine Board of Trustees met in special session on January 16, 2008, at 6:00 PM. Trustees answering the roll call were Gene Purcell, Greta Dennison, Walter Fritchie, J.D. Kimberlin, David Branson, and Larry Surrells.

DPW Carl Woosley and Jim Baker were also present; Otis Tuttle of Otie’s Electric, was present as well.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss replacement of pumps/motor assemblies and related parts for two (2) sewer lift stations.

The Village consulting firm of Vandevanter Engineering has reviewed these pump stations, as well as a representative of Smith and Loveless, Inc., and both sources have recommended major replacement of pumping equipment.

Two proposals have been received.

1. Vandevanter Engineering proposed to completely redesign the two lift stations, and install pumps, motors, all valves, all supporting equipment, and labor for a cost of $44,101.70 for each of the two lift stations. The total cost would be $88,203.40. This would not include the cost of additional equipment, etc., as well as any electrical work.

2. Smith & Loveless, Inc. proposed to replace each lift station with two – 3 phase motor assemblies, at a cost of $5,501.00 each plus additional valves and equipment as needed at current prices. Total quote for these plus one backup motor assembly and one additional impeller was $27,705.00. No labor was quoted.

3. Otie’s Electrical estimated the electrical work would be $1,500.00 plus $400.00 labor for connecting the 3 phase motor assembly on the East lift station. The cost for connecting the West lift station would be included in the original quote for installing the new control panel.

4. Our DPW workers have volunteered to install the necessary equipment during their regular work hours as they have become very familiar with the lifts. They have spent many hours recently keeping the lifts in working order.

By combining the latter three (3) options, it was estimated that the cash out of pocket replacement costs for the two (2) lift stations would be between approximately $35,000.00 and $40,000.00.

Larry Surrells moved, seconded by Walter Fritchie, to authorize the spending of up to $50,000 for equipment and electrical work to refurbish the two (2) lift stations, and that the DPW workers provide the labor during normal work hours. Motion passed unanimously.

Greta Dennison moved to adjourn, seconded by Larry Surrells.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.

Patricia Schofield, President
Floyd M. Fuller, Clerk


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